We offer a wide selection of accessories that allow you to tailor your data elimination process to meet your specific needs.

SSD-1 Solid-State Destroyer

Add to the PD-5 to create the ultimate destruction package. Ensures secure destruction of data stored on solid-state drives, including laptop SSDs and solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs), as well as flash, compact flash, thumb, and other USB drives. The piercing power of 90 spikes punctures from top and bottom to perforate and waffle media, demolishing the individual memory chips preventing data from being retrieved.

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SCAN-1 Media Destruction Report Generator

Compatible with the Garner TS-1, HD-3WXL, and HD-2 degaussers, and the PD-5 hard drive destroyer. The SCAN-1 includes a USB hand-held scanner, stand, USB cable, and software that allows you to create a detailed, audit-worthy media destruction report. SCAN-1 lets you scan and record media serial numbers, erasure status, and other important information as you go.

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"Degaussed" Labels

degauss labels

"Degaussed" labels to keep track of when media has been erased. Sold in packs of 1000 labels.

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MIL-SPEC Rated Mobility Cases

Each mobility case is custom designed and constructed to securely hold specific equipment combinations. Cases offer features that include:

  • High quality ball bearing wheels roll smoothly uneven surfaces and carpet
  • With the wheels locked and latches closed, serves as a table to create a mobile workstation
  • High-quality, full-swivel, locking and removable casters
  • Heavy-duty steel compression latches
  • Inset handles that allow you to pull and turn equipment with ease
  • Compact size to fit through standard doorways and into elevators
  • Limited lifetime parts warranty

Cases are included at no charge when you purchase a mobility package with degausser and destroyer.

Case DDM-14

Holds an NSA/CSS EPL-Rated TS-1 Degausser and PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer

ddm 15 case


Holds an NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 Degausser, PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer, and SSD-1 Solid-State & Flash Destroyer


Holds an HD-3WXL Degausser and PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer


ddm 35 case


Holds an HD-3WXL Degausser, PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer, and SSD-1 Solid-State & Flash Destroyer

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Secure Workstations

Designed for efficiency and convenience, workstations are solidly built from powder-coated aluminum and weigh just over 50 pounds. Specially designed to prevent magnetic particles from attaching to the workstation, our table features a laminate wood top and is easy to clean and maintain.

SW 2 235

SW-2 Secure Workstation

Use with the  TS-1 NSA/CSS EPL-listed Degausser, HD-3WXL Degausser, HD-2 Degausser, and NSA/CSS EPL-Listed PD-4 or PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer. Features a locked storage compartment for securely storing media awaiting erasure.


MIL-SPEC Rated Equipment Cases

Each case is designed to securely hold a specific equipment model. Heavy-duty outer shells and interior foam padding protect equipment from damage. Cases include wheels and handles for easy maneuvering. 

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CASE TS 1 235


Holds the NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 Hard Drive Degausser



Holds the HD-3WXL Hard Drive Degausser



Holds the HD-3WXL Hard Drive Degausser

casehd2 235


Holds the HD-2 Hard Drive Degausser

PD5 Case 235


Holds the NSA/CSS EPL-listed PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer and the SSD-1 Solid-State Destroyer

case PD5 235


Holds the NSA/CSS EPL-Rated PD-4 Hard Drive Destroyer



flashpro case 235


Holds the FLASHPRO Solid-State Destroyer

CASE 25SSD 235


Holds the SPACESAVER Compliance Package

ssd 1 case 235


Holds the SSD-1 Solid-State Destroyer


Storage and Recycle Bins

mb 1r red bin

B-1R Bin

Provides a holding place for media awaiting erasure. Label reads “Media to be Degaussed”

mb 1y yellow bin

MB-1Y Bin

Provides a holding place for degaussed media waiting to be destroyed by the PD-4 or PD-5 physical destroyer. Label reads “Degaussed Media”

mb 1b recycle container

MB-1B Bin

Conveniently holds destroyed media ready for recycling


Destruction Supplies

ssd mt10 235


The SSD-MT sleeves hold smaller flash and thumb drives when using the SSD-1 Solid-State & Flash Destroyer. Each SSD-MT10 includes 10 individual sleeves


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