Erasure and Destruction Verification System


With JPG Image Capture

Data destruction verification is effortlessly performed by IRONCLAD®. Our exclusive system tracks, logs, and documents media as it is sanitized. Customizable Certificates of Erasure and Destruction, complete with JPG images of the media before and/or after destruction, provide proof the media was properly sanitized.

IRONCLAD is fully integrated with Garner's complete line of hard drive & tape degaussers, and hard drives & solid-state physical destroyers. 

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Detailed Record-Keeping made easy with IRONCLAD!

  • Tracks and records media serial/asset numbers, user ID, witness ID, date, time, location, and diagnostic information in a password-protected system.
  • Provides proof media was sanitized by automatically capturing a JPG image of the media immediately after degaussing. Exclusive to Garner degausser integration.
  • Informs operator with a green "PASS" or red "FAIL" and numerically records the degausser's field strength immediately after each degauss cycle.*
  • Records the Garner PD-5 crush depth immediately after each cycle.
  • For hard drive and solid-state physical destruction, captures a before and optional after destruction JPG media image.
  • Operates in 2 modes:  "Verification Mode" with prompts for new operators; and "Processing Mode" for faster processing.
  • The maintenance record includes gauss readings for verifying and documenting degausser performance. Exclusive to Garner degausser integration.
  • ETL listed and certified to UL, IEC, CSA, and CE standards
  • TAA compliant 

Exportable IRONCLAD Reports

  • CSV files with detailed media destruction information and results
  • High-resolution JPG images of each piece of processed media
  • Excel files with detailed media destruction information and results
  • PDFs with Certificates of Erasure & Destruction and JPG images of processed media
  • Gauss testing log & report verifying Garner degausser performed to factory specifications
  • Export options:  Flash, Ethernet, or optional optical media burner


Garner's Exclusive Integrated Auditing Systems


Data Security Best Practices: Degauss Before you Destroy

  • Physical destruction (i.e., shredding, crushing, piercing, bending) of hard drives without first being degaussed leaves data behind.  In fact, a shredded but not-degaussed 2 mm²  hard drive fragment can contain the equivalent of approximately 504,000 pages of paper containing sensitive and confidential data.
  • A degausser of appropriate field strength magnetically erases all data on hard drives making them safe and secure for disposal.  Every hard drive must be degaussed before shredding, crushing, or disposal to ensure the data is unrecoverable.
  • Physical destruction provides visual confirmation that the hard drive has been securely processed; it discourages unscrupulous (but fruitless) attempts to retrieve data from the drive, and indicates the drive is ready to leave the controlled environment for disposal.

Note:  Solid-state media cannot be degaussed.  Physical destruction of media using the SSD-1 solid-state destroyer is recommended before media leaves the secure environment. 

Domestic and International Safety Standards

Garner Products, Inc., leads the data destruction industry in product safety by being the first and only U.S. hard drive degausser and destroyer manufacturer to earn certification of our products to UL, IEC, and CSA safety standards from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). 

Our products are also independently tested for conformity to CE standards for safety and emissions for the European Union.

These U.S. and international certifications identify Garner’s products as safe to operate in data centers, hospitals, offices, and other sensitive environments around the world.

Garner’s products are ETL listed, certified to:

  • UL
  • IEC
  • CSA
  • CE

Sustainable Practices. Ecofriendly Products

We are proud to be an ecofriendly manufacturer in California, the state that sets the standard for environmental protection. At every stage of the manufacturing process, from product design through manufacturing and shipping, we apply processes and use materials that minimize environmental impact.



Mobile Destruction Unit

Leave no data behind! Take destruction directly to the data. Learn More


Data Eliminator Cart

Your choice of destruction equipment securely mounts to the cart creating a comprehensive mobile media sanitization solution.  
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DDR Degauss, Destroy & Recycle Secure Workstation Options

Custom-configured workstation paired with your selection of destruction
products to meet your organization’s security needs and budget. Learn More


DDM Degauss and Destroy Mobility Options

Gain mobility while satisfying stringent security requirements by pairing a transport case with your custom selection of destruction products.
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DD Degauss Destroy Packages

Create a package with our industry-leading hard drive degaussers and destroyers that fit your data security need. Learn More



Data Elimination Cart

The RCC Cart offers an agile and safe solution for mobile operations.
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SW-2 Secure Workstation

Lets you create a destruction workstation in our custom-configured SW-2 Table featuring a locked storage compartment for securely storing media awaiting erasure.
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Shipping Cases

Our MIL-SPEC shipping cases let you take the destruction equipment to the media.
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Recycle Bin

Large blue recycle bin makes it easy to store media that has been destroyed and ready to be recycled.
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Media Bins

Color-coded media bins. The red bin is labeled “Media to be Degaussed” and the yellow bin is labeled “Degaussed Media”.
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Degaussed Labels

Sold in a pack of 1,000 labels.
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IRONCLAD  Specifications


  • IRONCLAD Includes:

    Image capture system, Touchscreen control head, Report generating software, Scanner and stand, Stylus, Software support for one year 

  • Option

    DVDRW-1:Optical media burner, TAA compliant

  • Certifications/Listings

    ETL Listed • UL, IEC, CSA and CE certified • TAA compliant • FCC compliant

  • Screen size

    7 in.

  • Storage capacity 


  • Power Supply

    90~240VAC, 47-440 Hz

  • Power consumption


  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD)


    6.6 x 9.6 x 2.5 (in.)

    168 x 244 x 64 (mm)

  • Warranty 

    IRONCLAD: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

    Scanner: Ninety-day manufacturer’s limited warranty standard

  • Made In the U.S.A.

    By Garner Products, Inc.


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