Garner Products are made in America

We don’t include a full-size flag in our packaging, but when you unbox a Garner Product's degausser or destroyer and turn it on, you’ll start to discover that the equipment in front of you is made in America. To Garner, made in the USA means quality, integrity, and ingenuity. Garner specializes in American-made data sanitization products, specifically hard drive degaussers (demagnetizers) and physical destroyers. 

Agile Product Development

What does made in America entail? Well, in December of 2018, Garner Products engineers faced a challenge.  One of our clients informed us that the 10-tons crush force wedge of the PD-5 physical destroyer, which usually makes quick work of destroying hard drives, could not crush a newly introduced helium drive with a robust forged aluminum casing. Our engineers went right to work fortifying the PD-5 and increasing its crush force.  They quickly obtained samples of the new helium drives and began making product modifications immediately.

Because Garner has its own machine shop and can rapidly make prototype parts, Garner engineers were quickly able to replace necessary components and enhance the mechanical design so the PD-5 could crush helium drives. In two weeks a prototype solution of PD-5 was completed, and in four weeks, the final product was ready to ship to customers. This rapid timeframe was only possible because Garner Products are engineered, machined, and assembled at our U.S. California manufacturing facility.

Data Sanitization Engineered In-House

Garner credits much of its innovation to highly trained in-house engineers who consider past designs, functionality objectives, cost savings, customer feedback and more when designing American-made products.

As per Garner’s dedication to continual product improvement, in March 2020, our engineers were tasked with the challenge of making our HD-3WXL degausser even faster. The HD-3WXL is an in-demand product for bulk degaussing because of its slide feature and 8 second cycle time. By fine-tuning the software and redesigning the charging system, our engineers succeeded in getting the cycle time down to a mere 3 seconds, saving some operators hours of work. That’s how the HD-3XTL degausser was born.


Transforming Raw Material into Parts

Garner’s own skilled machinists transform raw materials: sheets of plastic, blocks of steel, spools of copper, and tubes of aluminum into the components of Garner degaussers and destroyers and the Solid-State Media Destroyer SSD-1 . Our machine shop team makes tens of thousands of parts annually on mills, lathes, water jet cutters, and CNC routers. By machining in-house, we can ensure the quality of the material that goes into our parts and that the parts conform to our design specifications. 


Garner’s Production Shop

Assembly is where the magic comes to life.  Qualified assembly technicians take the parts from the machine shop and build our degaussers all the way up from parts to finished products. Each completed unit is carefully inspected throughout the build process and undergoes a rigorous final inspection.  Our products are carefully packaged in our homemade custom-fit foam packaging then shipped to our customers around the world. 

Data Sanitization Made in America: the Takeaway

Our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Roseville, CA allows us to be immediately responsive to changes in industry technology and to our customers’ needs. We are constantly making improvements to the functionality, durability, and longevity of our products. If you’re looking for quality made in America, look no further than Garner Products.

Garner Products are TAA compliant; TAA means “Trade Agreements Act.” TAA compliant products are defined as  1) “wholly the growth, product, or manufacture of the U.S. or a designated country.” Or 2) “Articles that are substantially transformed in the U.S. or a designated country into a new and different article of commerce with a name, character, or use distinct from that of the article or articles from which it was transformed.”

Garner products are wholly manufactured in the USA.


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