Degauss Destroy Packages

Select from our industry-leading hard drive degaussers and destroyers to create a package that meets your data security needs. 

Degauss Destroy|

NSA-Listed TS-1 Degausser Packages (DD-15SSD IRONCLAD shown)

High-Volume HD-3WXL Degausser Packages (DD-35SSD IRONCLAD shown)

High-Speed HD-2XT Degausser Packages (DD-25SSD IRONCLAD shown)

Packages Include:

Degausser of your choice:

TS 1 224

NSA-Listed TS-1

20,000 Gauss destroys all data on hard drives and tapes in under 45 second.
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HD 3WXL 224

High-Volume HD-3WXL

Destroys all data on hard drives and tapes in ~6 seconds.
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HD 2X 224

High-Speed HD-2XT

10,000 Gauss destroys all data on hard drives and tapes in ~7 seconds.
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Destroyer of your choice:

PD 5 SSD1 224

NSA-Listed PD-5

7+ tons of pressure bends, breaks, and mangles hard drives preventing data recovery. PD-5 is destruction report capable when used with IRONCLAD or SCAN-1.
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ssd 1

Patented SSD-1

Ensures total destruction of solid-state memory by perforating data chips with 90 hardened steel spikes. SSD-1 is only for use with the PD-5.
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PD4 224

NSA-Listed PD-4

5+ tons of pressure bends, breaks, and mangles hard drives preventing data recovery.
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Verification system of your choice:

head certificate 210 2

IRONCLAD Erasure Verification System with JPG image capture

Add IRONCLAD Erasure Verification System. IRONCLAD captures a JPG image of the degaussed media and automatically generates a certificate of erasure and destruction, including the crush depth of the PD-5.
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scanner 210 small

SCAN-1 Media Destruction Report Generator

Generate a media destruction report as you go with the SCAN-1 software and scanner. SCAN-1 comes standard with TS-1 and HD-3WXL.
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Optional Platforms

ICC 15SSD 224 210

Mobile Destruction Unit

NSA Top Secret level destruction in a high-quality, mobile IRONCLAD cart. 
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rcc 35ssdic bins 210

Data Eliminator Cart

Your choice of destruction equipment securely mounts to the cart creating a comprehensive mobile media sanitization solution.
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ddr 25ssd ironclad 224

Degauss Destroy Recycle WorkStations

Locking storage compartment allows you to securely store media awaiting processing.
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DDM 15 Front 210

DDM Degauss and Destroy Mobility Options

Gain mobility while satisfying stringent security requirements by pairing a transport case with your custom selection of destruction products.
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spacesaver 224

SpaceSaver Compliance Package

Complete erasure, destruction and verification in a small footprint.
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bluebin 210

Recycle Bin

Large blue recycle bin makes it easy to store media that has been destroyed and ready to be recycled.
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RedYellowBins 224

Media Bins

Color-coded media bins. The red bin is labeled “Media to be Degaussed” and the yellow bin is labeled “Degaussed Media”.
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ssd mt10 224


The SSD-MT sleeves hold smaller flash and thumb drives when using the SSD-1 solid-state destroyer. Each SSD-MT10 includes 10 individual sleeves. 
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degauss labels 224

Degaussed Labels

Sold in packs of 1,000 labels.
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We can help you design a degauss and destroy package that includes the equipment and features best suited for your operations and security requirements. 

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