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A good deal on still-great Garner degaussers and destroyers.

Factory Reconditioned Units

  • Each unit is tested to perform to factory specifications
  • One-year factory warranty

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Factory Reconditioned Limited One-Year Warranty
 reconditioned ts-1xt nsa listed degausser



The TS-1XT generates and evenly distributes 20,000 gauss (2 Tesla) magnetic field. The TS-1XT delivers maximum erasure to every area of the hard drive or tape, no matter how drives or tapes are oriented in the media drawer. 
 reconditioned hd-2xt degausser



The compact HD-2XT is ideal in an office setting for erasing laptop, desktop, and network high coercivity (magnetic) drives up to 1.25 inches high, as well as the full range of tape cartridge media, with no adapters needed.



Add solid-state destruction capability to your Garner PD-5 physical destroyer. Garner's patented SSD-1 ensures secure destruction of data stored on solid-state drives, including laptop SSDs, solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs), flash, compact flash, thumb, and other USB drives.

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