Vendor-Independent Data Destruction Verification

Vendor-Independent Data Destruction Verification is now available from Garner Products

IT Asset Disposal professionals need never fall victim to asset disposal lawsuits again.

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Roseville, CA – November 17, 2020 – Garner Products, Inc., the world leader in data elimination and destruction, has taken a bold new step in protecting IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) professionals from the risk and liability of improper documentation during the media disposal process. The new IRONCLAD UniversalTM generates a Certificate of Destruction for all types of media destruction processes and works independently alongside your existing equipment.

Garner pioneered erasure verification in 2016, resulting in the introduction of IRONCLAD for Garner’s own line of hard drive degaussers and destroyers. The company is now the first to offer vendor-neutral data destruction verification with the IRONCLAD Universal.

“Destruction without verification can leave an ITAD service provider or company vulnerable to lawsuits because there is no evidence the media went through a data sanitizing process,” said Ron Stofan, President of Garner Products. 

IRONCLAD Universal generates evidence of destruction to withstand audit or legal scrutiny for any brand of a degausser, destroyer, overwriter, and shredder used for internal IT asset disposal (ITAD) teams or by outside ITAD service providers.

How it Works

The IRONCLAD Universal records the job number, date, operator, witness, and location, as well as records the media’s serial number or asset tag and captures a JPG image of the media.  When used to record degaussing, the image is taken after the hard drive has been degaussed. For shredding the image is captured just before the media is loaded into the shredder.

 Once the job is completed, the IRONCLAD Universal automatically generates an exportable, audit-worthy Certificate of Destruction — important, so ITAD service providers and in-house destruction departments have the documentation of data destruction needed to comply with data security regulations.  

“IRONCLAD has been engineered to meet the demands of the most secure environment because it has no WIFI/Bluetooth that could be compromised through the Internet,” Stofan added.  

Optimal security ITAD policies require a three-step data-destruction process to be performed at the location of the media:

  1. Degauss hard drives and tape to demagnetize the media of all data ( a process that takes 15 seconds or less).
  2. Physically destroy hard drives and solid-state media using a multi-media, mixed-media destroyer, such as Garner’s PD-5 and SSD-1 physical destroyers that destroys both hard drives and solid-state media.
  3. Document and verify the destruction process – evidence of data destruction.

Garner’s exclusive IRONCLAD Universal fulfills that often overlooked, yet critical, third-step of the process.


  • Tracks and records media serial/asset numbers, user ID, witness ID, date, time, and location in a password-protected system.
  • Provides evidence media was sanitized by capturing a JPG image of the media immediately after degaussing.
  • For hard drive and solid-state physical destruction, captures a before and optional after destruction JPG media image.
  • Automatically generates exportable Certificates of Erasure and Destruction for audit and archival purposes.
  • Manufactured in Roseville, CA, IRONCLAD Universal is TAA compliant.


About Garner Products

At Garner Products, we design, manufacture, and sell equipment worldwide that delivers complete, permanent, and verifiable data elimination and destruction. Our products ensure your data is unrecoverable. Founded more than 60 years ago, we serve government and business customers from every industry sector around the world, providing time-tested solutions for permanent data security of working and nonworking hard drives, magnetic tape, and solid-state media.

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