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What does a company dedicated to quality do to continually improve its manufacturing process? The answer is what a CNC West journalist discovered while spending a day with us at our facility observing, interviewing, and photographing the manufacturing process for the December 2021/January 2022 quality issue. “Quality is everything at Garner Products” the front of the magazine states.

Quality means “a high level of value or excellence,” something all the employees at Garner products strive for daily when designing, machining, assembling, selling, and marketing Garner degaussers and destroyers.

The article covers Garner’s history, starting in 1959 as a recording studio, and explains a little bit about the science of degaussing. It also covers the machine shop capabilities and how bringing processes in-house help assures quality. Garner Products’ quality is demonstrated by Garner’s very first HD-3 degausser built in 2011 which functioned in the field for 10 years before coming back for nothing more than a $7 power plug replacement.

“Quality is everything. National security agencies rely on our products to perform and keep America’s data safe by destroying it,” Ron Stofan, Garner Products president, said.

CNC West is the oldest regional publication serving the western states manufacturing managers, owners, and engineers. Garner is featured in an issue of the publication specifically dedicated to companies that demonstrate quality in their production processes and products. 

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