Solid-State and Flash Destroyers

Every evolution of data storage media demands a secure destruction strategy. The SSD-1 Solid-State & Flash Destroyer option, available with the PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer, addresses that need with swift and simple elegance.  With its 90 pins of piercing power, the SSD-1 quickly perforates solid-state media from the top and bottom, waffling it and destroying the memory chips and all components contained in the controller boards of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) and all solid-state drives (SSDs), including laptop, flash, compact flash, and USB thumb drives.

Hard Drive Destroyer PD-5 IRONCLAD

Hard Drive / Solid-State Destruction & Verification

  • PD-5 Hard Drive and Solid-State Destroyer
  • Image capture system
  • Touch screen device control head
  • IRONCLAD® erasure report software
  • Bar-code scanner and stand
  • Stylus
  • IRONCLAD software support for one year


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NSA Hard Drive & Solid-State Destroyer PD-5 with SSD-1 Destroyer


  • Listed on the NSA/CSS EPL, meets the toughest standards for bending hard drives containing Top Secret data
  • High-torque sensing technology allows the crushing wedge to zoom quickly to locate the media then increases torque to maximize crushing power
  • Offers an optional SSD-1 solid-state destroyer to expand your media range
  • Now destruction report capable with SCAN-1 and IRONCLAD integrated auditing systems
  • Uses no hydraulics, eliminating concerns about messy hydraulic fluid spills and leaks
  • Independently tested and certified to meet CE safety and compatibility standards
  • Handles a wide selection of hard drive sizes without an adapter
  • Destroys drives in 20 seconds or less
  • Operates on standard wall outlets in countries around the world
  • Quiet, compact, and lightweight for desktop or portable use
  • Easy to use
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Solid-State Media Destroyer SSD-1

Solid-State, Flash Thumb Drives, and SSHD

  • Only for use with the Garner PD-5 destroyer
  • Patented design
  • Nickel-plated
  • Ninety interlocking spikes demolish indiviual memory chips so data cannot be retrieved
  • Destroys solid-state media, flash drives, USB thumb drives, and SSHD controller boards
  • Use with the SSD-MT media transport sleeves to hold smaller flash and thumb drives
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Solid-State and Flash Drive Shredding FLASHPRO IRONCLAD

Digital Media Destroyer with Verification

  • FLASHPRO solid-state shredder
  • Image capture system
  • Touch screen control head
  • IRONCLAD® media destruction report software
  • Bar-code scanner and stand
  • Stylus
  • IRONCLAD software support for one year
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Solid-State Media Shredder FLASHPRO

Solid-State & Flash Destroyers

  • Prevents forensic recovery of data stored on solid-state memory chips by shredding media chips into an average fragment size less than 0.16 x 0.6 (in.) 4 x 15 (mm) pieces.
  • Shreds a wide variety of media including mobile phones**, mini-tablets (up to 170 mm in width)**, USB sticks, solid-state drives (SSD)* and optical media
  • Fully automated with SmartCut™
  • High volume shredder with a destruction capacity of up to 100 mobile phones**, 500 solid-state drives*, 500 USB thumb drives, or 500 CDs per hour
  • Office quiet (65 decibels) and plugs into a 20A standard outlet
  • Now destruction report capable with IRONCLAD integrated auditing systems

* Enterprise SSDs must have rack mounts and casings removed before shredding in the FLASHPRO.
** All items shredded in the FLASHPRO must have the battery removed prior to destruction.



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