CDS-2500A Degausser

(Tape Only)

The versatile, conveyor-belt operated CDS-2500A quickly erases all magnetic tape formats up to six inches wide and up to 2400 oersted. The CDS-2500A’s dual degaussing coils let you choose from two field strengths. On low field strength, the CDS-2500A provides continuous-duty erasure of 3480/3490, VHS, diskettes and audio cassettes without overheating—at speeds of more than 90 3480/3490 tapes per minute. The high-field setting allows you to erase metal-particle tape formats up to 2400 oersted. 

CDS-2500A|(Tape Only)

Control Panel

Two field strengths. One machine.

Switchable field strength

Low field strength delivers nonstop, high-speed erasure of 3480/3490, VHS, diskettes and audio cassettes. Flip the switch to high strength to erase SDLT, LTO, 3590 and other metal-particle tapes.

Easy to use

Press the “on” switch, select your field strength, and place tapes on the conveyor belt. The CDS-2500A takes care of the rest.

Adjustable speed

Lets you choose your pace—up to 60 feet per minute.

Dual degaussing coils

Placed at a 90-degree angle, the “V” coil configuration delivers strong horizontal and vertical fields for maximum erasure.

Thermal protection

Built-in sensors monitor degaussing coil temperatures, operate the cooling fans, and turn off the conveyor belt and degaussing field if coil heat moves beyond the normal range.

Office compatible

The CDS-2500A operates off a standard 110 VAC wall outlet, but can come configured with other power connections for international operations.

Software independent

The CDS-2500A doesn’t rely on software for erasure, which means it can erase any magnetic video, audio, or data tape.

Maintain Archival Security

As technology moves to hard drive and solid-state media storage, it’s important to fully erase old media before disposal or repurposing. The CDS-2500A makes the erasure process fast, easy, and truly secure.

Power Options

The CDSS-2500A can be configured for operation in countries around the world.

Optional Accessories

The CDS-2500A comes fully equipped with everything you need to degauss tape media. We also offer optional slides to step up the ease and increase the speed of tape degaussing. 


2500a input slide and output slide

Input Slide (IS-CDS) and Output Slide (OS-CDS)

Slides make it easier to move tapes onto and off of the conveyor belt.

CDS-2500A Specifications

  • Duty Cycle

    Low Field- continuous duty
    High Field- 50%

  • Field Strength

    Low - 2500 gauss
    High - 3700 gauss

  • Media Erased

    VHS, DAT, DLT I-IV, SLDT I, LTO, DCT, 8mm, AME, SVHS, DVCAM, Beta SP, DVC Pro, 3480, 3490, 3590, Digital Beta, D1, D2, D3, D5, audio cassettes, DC 300, 600, 2000, and others

  • Tapes per Minute

    90 - VHS
    45 - metal particle

  • Protection

    Automatic thermal protection, fused control circuits, main circuit breaker

  • Belt Width

    6 in. (152 mm)

  • Belt Speed

    Adjusts up to 60 ft. per minute (12 ips)

  • Controls

    Power on/off rocker switch, High/low field rocker switch

  • Indicators

    Power lamp, overheat lamp, field-strength lamp

  • Weight

    121 lbs. (55 kg.)

  • Size (HxWxD)

    5.8 x 36.8 x 18.9 (in.)
    146.8  x 934  x 479 (mm)

  • Warranty

    One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty standard, optional three-year limited warranty available

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